Boys Noise – The Tunes That Power Top Frog

Thankfully, the god-awful days of listening to Heart/Capital/Radio 1 in a communal working space are done and dusted – we hope. Do you remember those? The same 8 songs played OVER and OVER AND OVER. Just the mere thought of it brings a sense of melancholy doesn’t it?

We take our music seriously – It’s fuel for our productivity. If we’re in the office powering through some work you will usually find us with our headphones in and game face on.

Today, it’s the turn of the boys! We’re going to explore what Top Frog tunes are rocking our world this month.


Mix of the month

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Rise Vol 1; Armand Van Helden – if you like the soulful sounds of classic NYC house, you’ll love this. Recorded in 1993, before he released 7 SEVEN albums and toured the world, Armand was playing the clubs in NYC and boston.

You can read the story here – It’s pretty awesome.

October has been a bit of a mad one for me. I’ve had a mix of hard work and some great trips away. As you can imagine, the first month of the business involves a lot of legwork sorting a whole manor of random things. Signing up emails, create what feels like thousands of new accounts, transferring everything from our other businesses into a single place… all rather time consuming… especially when you keep having trips away in the middle of it all! (Sorry Nick) But we’re finally at the stage where everybody settled into the office and everything is running smoothly so the hard work was worth it.

I started the month salmon fishing in Scotland, headed back to London for the week and then my girlfriend treated me to 5 days in Slovenia for my birthday. I came straight home and went to meet my friends in Belgium for the weekend. That’s definitely had an impact on the music selection this month!


If my new Top Frog email inbox is anything to go by… October has been a VERY busy month so far. A lot going on here and I also have a few big projects over at MVG.

I have also been running around the woods dress like a post box.


For the last couple of weeks I’ve been designing a few websites but the last few days I’ve been working hard trying to get version 1 of this website together while planning for the full version to be released in a couple of months.

For those moments of pure concentration I favour my “Focus” playlist, it's simple, no lyrics just distraction free tunes. Have a listen for yourself and become more focused:

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